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History of node 2:270/1

 10 Dec 1993, nodelist.344: ,1,Lux_Hub,Luxembourg,Francois_Thunus,352-45-****,9600,CM,XA,V32B,V42B
 14 Jan 1994, nodelist.014: ,1,Lux_Hub,Luxembourg,Francois_Thunus,352-45-****,9600,CM,XA,ZYX
 15 Jul 1994, nodelist.196: ,1,Lux_Hub_(ISDN),Luxembourg,joaquim_homrighausen,352-27-31****,300,CM,XA,UISDNA,ISDNB,ISDNC
 22 Jul 1994, nodelist.203: ,1,Lux_Hub,Luxembourg,Francois_Thunus,352-45-****,9600,CM,XA,ZYX
  7 Oct 1994, nodelist.280: ,1,Lux_Hub,Luxembourg,joaquim_homrighausen,352-31-****,9600,CM,XA,H16,V32B,V34,U,V32T,VFC
 14 Oct 1994, nodelist.287: Node removed from the nodelist

NodeHist created by Pavel Gulchouck 2:463/68