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History of node 3:770/630

 25 Feb 1994, nodelist.056: ,630,A_Place_to_Stand,Invercargill,Andrew_Joll,64-3-216-****,2400,XA
 18 Mar 1994, nodelist.077: ,630,A_Place_to_Stand,Invercargill,Andrew_Joll,64-3-216-****,9600,V32b,V42b,MNP,CM,XA
 12 Jan 1996, nodelist.012: ,630,A_Place_to_Stand,Invercargill,Andrew_Joll,64-3-216-****,9600,V32b,V42b,MNP,MO,XA
 20 Dec 1996, nodelist.355: Node removed from the nodelist

NodeHist created by Pavel Gulchouck 2:463/68